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Alhama de Murcia

Our resort is just 15 minutes from the Alhama de Murcia city centre. Its arabesque heritage is expressed in the small and steep roads, its palm trees landscape and its history.

The monumental and cultural Heritage in Alhama de Murcia is very rich. The most important attractions are the Arab Castle, the Archeological Museum and the Baths, a tour along two thousand years of history.

The Baths are, without any doubt, the most important Roman archeological remains. They are dated back two thousand years and it allows visiting the two well defined areas in a typical Roman Bath: thermal and medicinal baths and recreational bath, the Arab Baths and a XIX century Bath.

The Festivals in Alhama are also important. During the year, the Alhama streets are full of lights and colors.

Two of the Spring Festivals in Alhama are the Eastern, popular because of the floral arrangement in the thrones, and “Los Mayos” typical festival in Alhama because of the rag puppet that are exhibited at the streets and in the gardens.

Alhama de Murcia
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